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Gujas 2 years ago
I'd love to see the rest of that. Wonderful watching her punch that dick like a lollipop
Zologrel 2 years ago
Whenever You're back amongst The Land of The Perversea lemme GET THAT . . . . . . ADD THAT Is
Dougor 2 years ago
The hammer needs to be rusty, this is crucial to the reliability of the contraption being quite low... hence the entertainment factor :D
Zulkikinos 2 years ago
Nope. This is NJ, Layla. These kinds of unrelated events happen from time to time.
Gajind 2 years ago
One thing I’ve noticed over the years, is that media never talks about the gang violence that causes the second most gun deaths, behind self inflicted gun shot wound(which the MSM doesn’t bring up when talking about gun violence either).